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What can you expect from a coaching process?

What can you expect from a coaching process?

Have you ever wondered what coaching is, and what benefits it can bring? Let’s find out!


Coaching is a results and goal-oriented process that can help you live the life you want. You can choose to work on personal or professional goals, and your coach will help you achieve them through reflection, feedback, accountability and support.


How is coaching different from therapy?


The main difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching can help you deal with non-clinical issues such as stress or career change. If you are experiencing a clinical situation such as depression or bereavement, the coach may recommend seeing a therapist.


What types of issues can coaching help with?


Here are some examples of topics I have helped my clients with:

Do you identify with any of these examples?

How does a coaching session work?


During a session, your coach will help you to:

Throughout the coaching process, you can rely on your coach to empower and support you.


I offer you the opportunity to have a free, no strings attached half hour session before you commit to booking a session.


You can ask me any questions about how coaching works, or about my experience and qualifications. You can give me a rough idea of the issues you wish to address.


This will be an opportunity to see if there is a good chemistry between us.

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