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More time and more equity: my personal experience with the Fair Play Method

I was raised by a working dad. I grew up seeing my father do the chores, the cooking, work two jobs and take care of everything related to us children. Having been exposed to this wonderful role model, a lot of gender stereotypes and preconceptions of gendered divisions of labour were on my blind spot. 

It was natural in my household for my father, my brother and me to share the house chores, and there was no invisible labour – we were all aware of what needed to be done and even if we had some tasks attributed to each other, we all proactively took care of stuff.

That the household labour is mostly invisible in the majority of more traditional households is still the thing that baffles me the most in my Fair Play coaching. It’s perplexing to me that people don’t even see all it takes to keep a household running – that’s a huge blind spot that a lot of people walk around with! 

We had 3 children in the span of 3 years. Yes, it does mean that the third one was born before the first one was 3 years old. We both slept 6-hour nights during all that time. We shared, organised, planned, and adapted and we all profited from a beautiful and fulfilling parenting experience. 

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Workshop Introduction to Fair Play

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