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Embrace equity – all together now!

On the International Women’s Day I had the pleasure to attend the Embrace Equity event organized by PwC Luxembourg and AMCHAM. It’s been a tradition for me for over a decade, and one that I am happy to carry on as an external participant now.

The panel was amazing, and I was inspired and touched by all the speakers.


The discussions during the presentation and the networking lunch got me thinking about the importance of role models in shaping our perceived field of possibilities and consequentially our individual choices.

As children, teenagers and even as adults, we tend to project ourselves in the roles occupied by our peers, or the people we perceive as being “like us”. So, if I grow up seeing the people who look like me, speak like me and act like me being teachers, lawyers and secretaries, I will have no trouble projecting myself in those professions. It takes a flight of imagination to project myself being a mechanic, a plumber, or an airplane pilot, if I never saw anyone “like me” in those roles.


And so, the traditionally attributed gender roles get perpetuated. Not by a lack of skills or by a lack of options and choices, but firstly by a lack of imaginations and of readily available role models.

It is also my personal belief that that framing it as “empowering women” is reductive. Men are put in boxes too. Men are also discriminated against and belittled when they dare embrace the roles that traditionally don’t “belong” to them: caregivers, nurses, midwives, stay-at-home dads, and the list goes on…


For a society to be truly fair, truly inclusive and for real equity to be achieved, we need to bring everyone to the table. Be it the board members table or the changing table!


All together now!

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