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This article is more personal than what I usually write.


Since on New Year’s Eve 2019-2020 I uttered the “famous last words”: “Whatever 2020 brings, it can’t be worse than 2019”, I’ve learned to be careful with words 😀 And above all to be prudent with predictions. So at this time of year, I prefer to take stock of the positive things that happened in the year gone by, review what I conquered and savour the memories.


The year 2022 was a year of great change.


Mind Tree Coaching was born in 2021 and 2022 was the year of consolidation – the presence in Udemy with 3 courses, the development of collaborations with 4 new coaching partners, the return to face-to-face training and the accreditation as a training entity were important milestones.


But the highlight of the year was the changing jobs: entering a new company, with a professional project in which I feel at home, with which I identify so much, and having left a company where I spent 16 years, divided between Portugal and Luxembourg. I have never been as happy professionally as I am now: my salaried and independent activity go hand in hand, and allow me to express my mission and passion in synergy.


2022 was also the year I did stand-up comedy, dyed my hair green and spent the best holiday ever in Portugal. It was a whole year living without a car, which helped me a lot to put into perspective the things we take for granted in our lives, without questioning and without trying to do things differently. It was the year of reconnecting with friends, of returning to a more active social life and of committing myself more to the associative world. It was a very happy year.


My word for 2022 is Liberation. Liberation from limiting beliefs, from metaphorical bonds, liberation in the sense of relief, comfort and progress.


If I can sum up the year 2022 in one emotion: Joy and Hope.

What about your year? What is your assessment of 2022? Use the attached form!

What is your assessment of 2022? Use the attached form!