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I started my coaching practice in 2015, and my training practice back in 2001. My goal, my life purpose, was always to develop human potential. I believe people have a wealth of potential and untapped talent and value that are often not put to practice and not acted upon. It can be because they have limiting beliefs about themselves, and that potential rests in a blind spot, or because they are not self-aware or were never exposed to self-knowledge and self-esteem practices. My first training course was about self-knowledge, self-awareness and bettering relationships and communication. You can find it in Udemy (Mirror, mirror in the wall).

I believe that every single step is worthwhile, there are no too small changes: if it moves you in the right direction and gets you even an inch closer to your goal, it has value. And that is why my practice, Mind Tree Coaching, as small as it is today, has a purpose to make this world a little better, one individual or team at a time.

This brings us to my commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I have elected two to focus on: (4) Quality education and (3) Good health and well-being. As a training provider with an emphasis on personal development, continuous education is at the heart of what I do. I am grateful that my work, passion, and hobby fuse together in learning, training, and sharing, and it brings me both purpose and joy. Health includes mental health and well-being, and through my coaching practice and specialization in mental health coaching, I am committed to collaborating with my clients to accompany them in being the best version of themselves, in all their life spheres.

The next few months will bring a new project, that I am really excited to be working on in the background and can hardly wait to tell you about! This will bring to my portfolio a new Sustainable Development Goal: (5) Gender equality.

Stay tuned, and take care of your Health!

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Mind Tree Coaching is committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

through our focus on Quality Education and Good Health and Well-being.