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Gender equity – imbalance at home

This is the image that started it all for me.


I saw it for the first time some 5 or 6 years ago in an International Women’s Day event. I still remember that that year the discussion revolved around the need (or not) for public measures, like quotas, to “force” more gender equity at the workplace. Funny enough, this year the same subject still came up on the same conference, in the same place.


But looking at this picture, it dawned on me… it’s not at the workplace that we need more gender equity! It’s at home! The woman in the picture is not staying behind on the corporate ladder because of workplace discrimination, or lack of public policies, or the need for quotas.


She is staying behind because she is carrying the home workload alone. The woman in the picture is doing two full time jobs, while the man in the picture seems to be doing only one full time job. And for as long as that is the case… it seems only natural that the ladder is smoother for the person with only one full time job.


I believe that both genders deserve a fair chance at an ambitious, fulfilling and rewarding career. And I believe with even more conviction that both genders deserve a fair chance at an enjoyable, intentional, and enriching parenting experience.


We all have to gain as individuals, companies and society to have everyone, regardless of gender, live complete lives, where we can play all the roles that are available to us and where we can free ourselves from limiting beliefs about what roles “belong” to each gender.


Do you feel an imbalance in your life? Join the conversation!

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